Portraits with Chelsea

Chelsea is a very successful dentist located in Bay City, Michigan who I’ve had to pleasure of knowing for several years now. She’s worked with my dad in the dental industry for a long time and has always been so nice to my family. Being able to give her a makeover, an awesome experience and photos she’ll cherish now and forever was such an honor! Amber from Michigan Barbie Cosmetics traveled to the studio in Bay City to glam up Chelsea and share some expert styling tips.

In your consultation with me, we will discuss how you dream of being photographed. Do you want to be photographed in a lavish ball gown? Would you like photos for personal branding or an updated headshot? Would you like to be photographed in nothing but your own skin? We can make all this happen and more in your portrait session with me. This is your time to shine. This is your time to feel beautiful, to feel empowered and to finally have a photo of yourself that you love.