Alyssa Amez Design | Grand Rapids Brand Shoot

Alyssa recently started her own business specializing in custom invitations. As she was creating her website, social media platforms, and other marketing channels, she realized that she needed content to help promote her growing business. She reached out to me and I was excited to help promote her and her business!

We began the day with professional hair and makeup styling by Alli Brighton. After hair and makeup, we went to several different locations in order for Alyssa to get a variety of environment photos. Whenever I do a personal branding session I want to make it look like the photos weren’t all taken on the same day. That’s why I highly encourage different outfits, different hairstyles and definitely different locations!

Check out Alyssa’s website here:

I wanted to photograph some blank cards so that Alyssa could have a couple different scenes to show design drafts to her clients. This is a good way for her clients to envision what they’re design would look like!

Hair and makeup by the talented Alli Brighton

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