Contigo Dogs | Traverse City Brand Shoot

Stefi started Contigo Dogs at one of the worst times in history; in the middle of a global pandemic. Jobless and living in her parent’s basement, she figured the only way she could go was up (quite literally). With her stimulus check and hard earned savings, she poured everything into this dream project and hoped something good would come out of it. Today, she wholesales her products to trainers, boarding facilities, and shops all over the USA.

Before Stefi’s branding shoot, she didn’t have headshots that related her to her business and she had minimal product photography. Since she is so passionate about sustainability and reducing her carbon footprint, I wanted to incorporate lots of plants and greenery either as backdrops for photos or subtle positioning on her desk in order to communicate to her audience that the environment is important to her.

It was such a joy spending the day with her, watching her process in person and creating a gallery of customized photos to help share her story with the world!