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Emily is the owner of In The Details Weddings where she specializes in planning weddings and other smaller events! Emily is a recent Grand Valley State University graduate who wanted to be a full-time business owner. She hustled as a kid sewing pillows and making jewelry and selling those at garage sales. In college, Emily […]

Julia is a financial planner who believes in genuine relationships, always having an open mind and educating her clients so that they have all the confidence in the world when it comes to their finances. Not only is Julia a financial planner, but she also is a spin teacher at Cycle Bar in Grand Rapids, […]

If your home is something that Chip and Joanna Gaines would be proud of AND it’s complimentary to your brand, then let’s shoot there! If your home isn’t well lit or on-brand, no worries at all! Fun fact: about 80% of my clients end up choosing to book an off-site location to serve as the […]

Stefi started Contigo Dogs at one of the worst times in history; in the middle of a global pandemic. Jobless and living in her parent’s basement, she figured the only way she could go was up (quite literally). With her stimulus check and hard earned savings, she poured everything into this dream project and hoped […]

“The Sky is not the limit. Your mind is.” -Lynette Simeone I’ve been reading ‘Imagine It Forward’ by Beth Comstock and I would love to share an excerpt on page 12 with you:  “Steven Pressfield, the author of ‘The War of Art,’ once said that our enemy is not a lack of preparation or the difficult […]

Alyssa recently started her own business specializing in custom invitations. As she was creating her website, social media platforms, and other marketing channels, she realized that she needed content to help promote her growing business. She reached out to me and I was excited to help promote her and her business! We began the day […]